Best Baby Pillow To Prevent Flat Head in 2021

Did you know latest study reveals that one out of six infants (4 to six months old) are now affected by posterior flattening of the skull which is medically known as Positional Plagiocephaly?

One of the main cause of baby flat head has been identified to be the supine sleeping position, advocated since the early 1990s as part of the ‘back to sleep’ campaign for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Flat head spot resulting from Infants spending more time on reclined position and less tummy time can be treated by using proper baby head shaping pillow.

To prevent baby flat head, many parents opt for a specialist baby sleep position pillow. Below we discuss what features makes the best flat head pillow and the most popular ones on the market in 2021.

When should you worry about whether baby is showing flat head syndrome?

Newborn heads are sensitive. Babies delivered vaginally are often born with an oddly shaped head as a result of the pressure of passing through the birth canal. However, this usually starts correcting itself within about 5 to 6 weeks time. If your newborn’s head hasn’t rounded out by 6 weeks – or if you find that your baby has a flat spot on her skull after this time period – it’s most likely a case of positional plagiocephaly.

Can A Pillow Really Fix Baby Flat Head Syndrome?

clinical study was done on fifty babies with flat head aged 5 months or younger to evaluate the impact of baby head pillow versus stretching exercise. It was found that both resulted in improvements in positional cranial deformation. In fact, for babies with combined plagiocephaly (i.e the head is flattened on 1 side ) and brachycephaly (i,e, back of the head becomes flattened), improvement in cranial asymmetry was slightly greater when using baby head pillow versus stretching.

What Is The Best Baby Pillow To Prevent Flat head?

Apart from more ‘tummy time’ as suggested by paediatricians a plagiocephaly pillow helps flat head baby experiencing breathing difficulty to breathe more easily. They cannot lie down comfortably or move their head on a flat cot or crib. A properly designed infant flat head pillow should have following qualities:

  • Easy Breathability

The pillow volume should be of 94% air which helps the baby to breathe easily. Generally the flat head pillows have TUV certification implying it has been tested for anti suffocating feature and easy air flow. The fabric should be either cotton or 3d fibre.

  • Redistribute pressure on baby’s head

The main reason for baby to have flat head is that the baby lies on one position only . Best pillow for newborn ensures that the pressure on the baby’s head is minimal while lying down. The plagiocephaly pillows should redistribute the pressure to all sides of the head.

  • Free head movement

The pillow should allow free 180 degree head movement of the baby to sleep comfortably. It should also relieve pressure on the head and neck muscle.

  • Hygienic and Easy to clean

The baby pillow should be anti allergic, fungi resistant and machine washable so that it dries out quickly.

The Best Pillow To Prevent Baby Flat Head Syndrome

Let’s take a closer look to the most effective pillows that correct baby flat head.

Mimos Flat Head Baby Pillow Review

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Mimo’s pillow , no doubt, is the premium baby flat head pillow in the market and more expensive than others, but is it worth it? Let’s take a closer look

Breathability and Certification

The two main factors that put Mimo’s pillow much ahead of it’s competition is it’s design and the material used.

It is specially designed to distribute pressure from back of baby’s head when lying down. The effectiveness of using Mimo’s pillow has been clinically tested and results published in health journal.

Babies usually have a preferred side for sleeping resulting in pressure directed on one side of head. Re- positioning can help but it rrquires constant attention and is specially difficult during night time. With Mimo’s flat head pillow , there is no need for repositioning the baby as the baby’s head located in the pillow’s cavity will automatically reduce the pressure on one side of head by redistributing it .

Mimo’s pillow has received TUV certification for safe air flow. Another most important feature is there is no fear of baby rolling over and suffocating itself as it is completely breathable. In fact many parents have tested it by purposely trying to suffocate themselves with it , but found steady stream of fresh air even when smothering the face in it.

Redistributes Pressure on Baby’s Head

Mimo’s flat head prevention pillow provides 4 times less pressure than a crib mattress and redistributes the pressure to a broader surface making it extremely effective for plagiocephaly prevention. Most parents have seen a huge improvement in the baby’s head shape correction within 2 to 3 weeks of usage of the pillow

180-Degree Free Head Movement

The baby can turn it’s head and neck freely while using this pillow so there’s no fear for stiff neck condition.

Hygine and cleaning

It’s machine washable and tested to be anti allergic and dust resistant. Also you can buy a pillow cover separately.

Which size Mimo’s pillow is right for my baby?

Mimo’s pillow comes with varying size depending on baby’s age, development and activity. Previously they had 5 sizes (L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and P). The video below helps to find out the right size for your baby.

Note: They have revised the size chart to following

Mimos Flat Head Pillow All Sizes

Does it provide value for money?

If you compare the Mimo’s Baby pillow to its competitor’s then it’s expensive though the features it provides and along with its effectiveness does make a case for it being worth $100. Moreover, when you consider that a flat head helmet recommended by many paediatricians is around $3,000 – $4,000 it doesn’t seem so expensive.

My Opinion after extensive research

I think this is the best pillow on the market for flat head syndrome. Period. However, only you can make the value judgment. Check customer feedback and the online price here for Mimos S (XL) .

Alternatives to Mimo’s pillow?

There are other infant pillow options below at different price points to consider.

Babymoon Pod Flat Head Pillow – Commonly Used

Babymoon Pod Flat Head Pillow


The Babymoon Pod is one of the most prescribed baby flat head pillow as therapy in addressing positional plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome — not just by professionals but by Moms, too! Made of hypoallergenic 100% super soft polyester, it gives ultra comfort to your little infant tot without any underlying risks. Uniquely designed to address multiple uses, it can be used when baby is laid down, nursing, off to be groomed on a changing pad, and during playtime. It can also be used on a bouncer, stroller or even a car seat making it a must-have for parents who are always on the go.

Babymoon Pod Flat Head Pillow

The Babymoon Pod Flat Head Pillow works by addressing limited movements of infants which often lead to an oblique formation of the skull and, at the same time, strengthen the neck muscle. When the baby reaches his or her 4 or 6-month milestone, it can be used as a neck support while feeding, playing or when traveling. Cleaning is so easy. Simply stick into the washing machine to wash and to dry. This product is proudly made in the USA for utmost quality and safety.

Organic Cotton Prevent from flat head (Elephant)

At less than half the price of the MIMO’s pillow, this 100% cotton baby pillow works pretty well too. In fact, the cute elephant pattern could be an added reason for you to add this to your nursery!

And as for the primary purpose:

  • While the manufacturers do not claim it, a number of reviewers have actually attested to the fact that this pillow works wonders to prevent and even cure flat head syndrome to a certain extent.
Organic Cotton Prevent from flat head (Elephant)
  • Also the completely natural breathable fabric ensures that this pillow will be completely safe and comfortable for your baby.

And as for what customers have had to say about this, here are a few snippets:

  • Babies of all ages loved this pillow and took to it pretty easily.
  • Babies tend to fall asleep very easily when placed on this pillow!
  • It is super easy to wash and washing doesn’t affect its quality or look!

And as for the rest of the opinions, do be sure to check out the customer reviews on Amazon. And based on those you can make an informed decision…

Organic Cotton Prevent from flat head (Elephant)

But we were saving the best for last…

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support -Least Expensive

It has received great reviews from customers and is also the least expensive of the lot! Plus there are a number of advantages with this:

  • It is designed to prevent as well as cure flat head syndrome.
  • It is a full length padded ‘bed’ of sorts for your baby which you can use on a larger bed, or on his stroller.
  • This one also comes with Velcro straps using which you can secure it to strollers or car seats. Therefore, your baby can have his comfort, while staying snugly in place.
Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support -Least Expensive

And of course, being a current best seller on Amazon means that this one has proven its usefulness to many parents! As for a few samples from the reviews:

  • Parents found great success with this pillow for preventing flat head syndrome.
  • Babies find this quite comfortable too.
  • And of course, being as cheap as it is, you do not feel so bad once your baby grows out of it!

And as for the success rate and the happy comments from parents, you just need to read through the reviews! And once you are decided on this, you know where to order it for free shipping!

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support -Least Expensive

So, all set to get the best baby flat head pillow for your little one? Why worry and spend sleepless nights about skull deformations and other problems, when you can get this and put your baby to sound and safe sleep!

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