Finding The Best Gift For New Mom From Husband

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2019)

Sleepless nights and worrying over scraped knees, colds and fever, bumps, slips or worse, fall– these are just some of the challenges that new Moms will be subjected as they start their journey to motherhood. So why not show love and affection with the best gift for new Mom from husband. When thinking of preparing one, these no-fail gifts are definitely guaranteed to please.

Show love and affection with the best gift for new Mom from husband with these no-fail gift ideas:


  1. Time

  2. Jewelry

  3. Care Set

  4. Nursery Glider

  5. Diaper Bag

  6. Helping Hand

  7. Spa Trip

New Mom Personalized Gifts


The best gift is always one that’s carefully thought of. Price really does not matter that much, but rather the effort and message that goes with the present. When it comes to personalized gifts, these are definite must-haves.



Try to dote on your child’s mother for a couple of hours or more daily. Let her catch up on lost sleep or perhaps, have “me time” somewhere to unwind tensed muscles or recharge her batteries. There’s just no greater gift than being able to have uninterrupted sleep after hours of labor. You may also want to run her a hot bath complete with aromatherapy candles. Simple as it may seem, these gestures will let her clearly know she’s loved.



Give her a gorgeous present in a form of jewelry that can be worn with pride. Whether a glittery necklace or a sparkly bracelet, jewelry as gifts is a timeless idea that will definitely make one feel special. You can go through the special made-to-order route via a local jeweler or simply pick one online. Pick your choice from gold, silver, platinum or the ultimate favorite– diamonds. This lovely pearl necklace pendant from Anne Geddes Genesis line is just perfect for new Moms!


Gift of Comfort for a New Mother


Another set of gifts that never fail to garner appreciative nods are those that deliver relaxation and comfort. Here are some cool ideas.

Care Set.


Some Moms would rather stay rooted to a nursery than go somewhere else like a spa. So why not bring a full home spa with bath bombs, aromatherapy essential oils for massage, diffuser, and so on. Or you may want to give this Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set. Proven safe for new mothers, this skincare line can help hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate her natural beauty and charm. Included in the set is a multi-purpose herbal Res-Q ointment proven useful later on.



Nursery Glider.


This is another must-have for new Moms. This is even more so for those who breastfeed their babies. A rocker or glider chair like this Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman even comes with a Lumbar Pillow to support Mom’s back during feeding or when lulling a child to sleep.

Diaper Bag.


Last but definitely not the least is the quintessential diaper bag.

Feel free to check out those diaper bags from Kate Spade, Seraphine, and a whole lot more from Neiman Marcus. A Neverfull bag from Louis Vuitton may also sweeten the whole deal. Of course, this Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Satchel from Amazon can fit any budget while still delivering the same comforting vibe.

New Mother Ultimate Day Off


Give her free time to get used to her new role. Being a new mother is no easy feat and these gift ideas will help cut her some slack.

Helping Hand.


Sign up for AngiesList to help find a reliable and trustworthy housekeeper in your area. Doing household chores particularly the laundry, cooking and yard cleanup can be too tedious for a new mother. A professional housekeeper for at least a week or two will help her get back on her feet in no time. Hiring a temporary doula is also an excellent idea as these professionals in child-rearing can give pointers to a new Mom.

Spa Trip.


All new Moms would want to simply go and relax in a nearby spa after all that wailing and crying, diaper leaks and fussing. Give her time to unwind and relax taunt muscles and frayed nerves with a gift certificate for an hour of whole body massage as well as a mani-pedi session. Offer to babysit and double the thoughtfulness.

There’s just so many to choose from when thinking of the best gift for new Mom from husband. The idea is to know precisely what your woman want and look for ways to deliver it with grace and love. Choosing the right gift is not really being mushy, but rather an excellent way to celebrate another phase in your relationship and most importantly, in your collective consciousness as a family.