Enjoy the wonderful experience of successful bottle feeding

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2018)

Know the easy steps to successful bottle feeding and enjoy the wonderful experience

Here’s how to do it correctly and safely…

Make sure that the bottle is sterilized properly and the nipple is covered with a proper clean cap.

Tips : Remove the cap just before feeding

Hold your baby in the best position for feeding. Keep the head higher than the legs i.e cradle your baby in a semi right position.

Tips : See that the stomach is elongated

Your baby may reject the bottle at first. You may lightly shake the bottle, push the nipple a bit inside and place it to the top of baby’s mouth
Hold the bottle in a tilted position so that the nipple is full of milk.

Tips : This will prevent your baby from swallowing in air.

Find out the position that is comfortable for you and the baby. While feeding, talk or sing to our baby with eye contact.

Bond with your baby and enjoy every moment of feeding

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