Best Swaddle Blankets: Neither Cheap Nor Too Expensive!

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Babies are born with a peculiar startling reflex. They tend to get startled by themselves and for no apparent reason from time to time. And this can be disturbing for them, at times affecting their sleep. To prevent this, as well as to keep your baby warm and feeling secure, most mothers swaddle their babies – particularly at nap time. Especially during the first few months after birth, babies tend to like the secure warmth that possibly reminds them of their time in the womb. But the question still remains: which are the best swaddle blankets that you should get for your baby?

And we are trying to answer that question here for you today with these 3 picks. Check out all three before deciding!

ProductProduct nameSoft breathable fabricFor colder areasPrice
Muslin-Swaddle-Blanketaden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle BlanketYesNo$XX
ORGANIC-COTTON-Muslin-Baby-Swaddling-Receiving-BlanketsSwaddle Blanket Set 100% ORGANIC COTTON Muslin Baby Swaddling Receiving BlanketsYesNo$XX
Baby-Wrap-Swaddle-Baby-BlanketBaby Wrap - Swaddle - Baby Blanket- by BUNDLEBEEYesYes$XX
And now that you’ve had a glimpse of all three blankets, let’s look into each in detail!

#1:aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket


While this is the least expensive of the lot – we are featuring it right here because it is the current bestseller in its category on Amazon. And as you clearly know, nothing can gain bestseller status unless it is a really good product!

This is a set of 4 swaddle blankets, each measuring a perfect 47 inch square. As any mom will know, that is a very good size for your baby. It makes swaddling quite easy and hassle free.

And since these are made of muslin – they are soft and not too bulky. This means you can put them to a variety of uses. In fact, even when your baby is too old to be ‘swaddled’, these are bound to still be of service. Just use as burping cloths or nursing cloths or even light blankets.

And as for the overwhelming reception from the customers, let’s take a look:

  • They are larger than any of the cheaper products – which is a great help in swaddling.
  • Also, being 1 ply, they are neither too thick nor too thin. In fact, they are just the right thickness for a tight and secure swaddle.
  • Especially in areas where it gets really warm, these are the perfect nap time swaddle blankets – they prevent the baby from over-heating!

And that is not all – for more information you can always check out on Amazon customer reviews. And after you do – come right back because here is the best place to order these from!



aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket


#2:Swaddle Blanket Set 100% ORGANIC COTTON Muslin Baby Swaddling Receiving Blankets


This next one is also made from 100% organic cotton. And as you know, for newborn skin, cotton is the best and safest material. And what’s more – these actually get softer with age and every subsequent wash!

Also for the price, you actually get 3 blankets, each with a different design. In fact, since you can use these for a variety of purposes, 3 ensures that none gets too worn out too soon. For instance, you can use these swaddles also in the stroller, and as a cover at nursing time or tummy time, or any time you want a light covering for your baby. In fact, when you just take your baby out of the bath and have dried him out – even then you can use this while you finish off with applying lotion and powder before you put on his or her clothes!

But enough about the product itself, now let’s take a look at how the moms and parents who have used this set saw it:

  • These swaddles are actually softer than many others you can find in the market.
  • Their shape is just right for perfect swaddling.
  • Since they are so soft, and made of muslin, they actually fold up into very small rectangles, making it super easy to carry these around in your bag.

And as for the rest that has been said, you can check those out in the reviews. And if after all that, you think these are the ones, then click here!



Swaddle Blanket Set 100% ORGANIC COTTON Muslin Baby Swaddling Receiving Blankets

But if you are looking for something a little more fancy…

#3:Baby Wrap – Swaddle – Baby Blanket – by BUNDLEBEE


This is a very special design for a swaddle, in fact, unlike the other two – this one isn’t just a square piece of cloth. It actually comes with Velcro that ensures that after you swaddle your baby, the cover stays in place.

Another big advantage with this swaddle blanket is that it is thick along with being soft. This is because it is specially designed to keep your baby warm – especially when there is a slight nip in the air. And therefore, if you live in the colder climes, this is the swaddle blanket to have.

And of course, you cannot deny that the blanket is super cute to look at and very convenient to boot!

But again, the real test of any such baby care product lies in the reviews that customers give it. Because the real virtues can only come out when someone actually uses it:

  • Most babies who slept in these loved it.
  • There is no fear of giving your baby to a young sibling to hold and cuddle. This is because the pad being firm, it offers adequate support to your baby’s delicate neck and head.
  • Since the Velcro keeps the swaddle in place and well away from your baby’s face, you can put your baby to sleep in this without worrying about suffocation hazards!

Overall, while this is the most expensive product – when you consider that you pay the price for just one blanket – you just need to read the reviews to see that it really is worth it. And as for buying it – go for Amazon, since you will get the best deal there!



Baby Wrap – Swaddle – Baby Blanket – by BUNDLEBEE


And there you have it – the best swaddle blankets and that too in a variety of price ranges. Now whatever your budget, you can always get one to keep your little one feeling warm and secure. And if you wanted to gift it to a new mom you know – then you can do that too!

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