Realistic Baby Dolls That Cry And Poop: Pretend Play At Its Finest

It’s a known fact that young children, particularly little tots, learn by doing. Does playing with realistic baby dolls that cry and poop makes sense? Yes they do.Playing with these living baby dolls is one of the most noteworthy “pretend play” that allows them to explore their capacity as a nurturing individual. This gives them a sense of responsibility, and in a way, stimulates socio-emotional development while honing their fine motor and coordination skills.When thinking of buying lifelike baby dolls, these realistic baby doll options come highly recommended.1. Realistic Baby Doll That CryTap on your child’s nurturing skills and emotional […] Read more »

3 Best Age Appropriate Toys For 2 Year Olds

Any toy will always elicit squeals of excitement from a toddler. Give it a paper cup or an empty bottle of your body lotion and you’ve got one happy camper in your hood. Children as young as 2, are generally not picky when it comes to toys. As a responsible parent, however, it is your duty to find age appropriate toys for 2 year olds that can tap on their creative mindset, imagination and logical thinking while helping develop necessary physical, mental, social and emotional skills. When planning to buy one, here are top  3 age appropriate toys  for 2 […] Read more »