2 Top Bottle Warmer Reviews To Help You Choose

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

As a new mom struggling to manage the home and take care of your baby – the feeding times are probably the worst. Your baby needs his milk or food to be within a very specific temperature range, and that means you need to warm it up a precise amount of time before your baby starts to feel hungry. Too soon and it is too warm, too early and it just goes cold! But here’s help! Check out these bottle warmer reviews so you can have an amazing appliance in the house that will warm your little ones food up to the right temperature in a jiffy!

We have two products for you today – and we’ll check them out quickly first:

Details Quick-Baby-Bottle-Food-WarmerBaby-Bottle-Warmer-and-Night-Light
Product nameBeaba Bib Secondes Quick Baby Bottle Food WarmerCuisinart BW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer and Night Light
Heating time 2-5 minutes4-5 minutes
Night lamp featureNoYes
Fits bottles of all dimensionsNoYes
Temperature adjustableYesNo
WarrantyNo3 years
And now after the quick sneak peek, let’s look into the bottles in detail:

#1:Beaba Bib Secondes Quick Baby Bottle Food Warmer


This first one is the more expensive of the two and has received quite a few very positive reviews though. This is a very compact bottle warmer made of safe BPA free plastic. Also it is made in such a way that your bottles are completely safe – be it the glass ones or the plastic ones.

As long as your baby food is in a bottle like container with a lid, you can warm that in here also.

Also the controls allow you to control the precise temperature of the food or milk. This means that there is no fear of the food or milk being too hot for your child.

According to some reviewers, they found this bottle warmer to be a lot more convenient and better in performance than most of the cheap warmers. And besides that too there is a lot of valuable information in the reviews. Do check those out. And just to give you a head start, here are a few snippets of information from them:

  • The size and build are very compact, making it perfect for keeping on the counter without taking up too much space.
  • The beeping feature once the bottle is warmed is a convenient thing.
  • It is really quick to heat with milk taking about 2 minutes and food up to 5 minutes.
  • It is also super easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Now if this is the one you want for your baby to simplify feeding time for you -then go ahead and order it from Amazon now!



Beaba Bib Secondes Quick Baby Bottle Food Warmer


And here’s our next product:

#2:Cuisinart BW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer and Night Light


While right now this product is actually a lot cheaper than the first – that is actually the discounted price on Amazon. The actual price is actually higher than the marked price of the first one!

Another big plus point with this warmer is the guarantee and reliability you get from the Cuisinart label. They are a well-known brand in kitchen and baby electrical appliances. And this one is no different.

As we mentioned earlier, this one is good for bottles and food jars of various sizes and makes – and it actually has a greater range than the first product.

Also, there is the fact that it comes with a compact measuring cup for measuring the water to add to it for warming. And this cup actually integrates into the whole warmer, which means that there is no fear of it getting misplaced.

But enough from the manufacturer, now let’s take a look at the customer reviews:

  • For those middle of the night bottle feedings, this warmer is perfect. The night lamp allows you to find it without any trouble!
  • It comes with different size and shape baskets for warming food, glass bottles and plastic bottles – ensuring that all of them are safe in it.
  • If your baby is a little older and will find the loud beef of the last warmer, then this is just right. It shuts off once the bottle is warmed without a sound. And it keeps the milk warm for a while afterwards.
  • Once it is done heating, the water inside just evaporates – making cleaning a hassle free experience.

Again, over all, this is actually a great product, and one that many parents swear by. So if this is indeed the one that rings a bell with you then order it – quick! Before Amazon stops offering the discount!


Cuisinart BW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer and Night Light


So there you have it – 2 top bottle warmer reviews to help you to make the best choice for you and your baby. And once you have picked, ordered and had it delivered, no more worrying about the temperature of food.

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